Aluminium Sliding Doors

Our sliding patio doors are manufactured by Sunflex, Origin and Reynaers, The world’s leading suppliers of aluminium doors and window systems. The Aluminium Door Companies external doors are sustainably fabricated and meet the very highest standards in energy efficiency, which makes them the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Plus, they feature innovative door security technology while providing low maintenance upkeep.

Smooth external sliding door operation

Available in both double and triple track configurations, The Aluminium Door Company sliding doors feature advanced roller and track technology. This enables incredibly smooth operation, even with the largest sash sizes. Plus, aluminium is an incredibly lightweight material, which makes the doors far easier to handle than solid wood or steel framed alternatives and makes lift and slide opening even easier. Plus, The Aluminium Door Company glass doors run almost silently on their roller carriages. This is particularly useful for internal glazing because it minimises sound disruption in your home each time you open your door system.

Superior door security systems

Aluminium sliding doors already provide excellent resistance to burglary due to their high material stability, but The Aluminium Door Company also offer various additional security systems to make your home even safer. They can provide electronic door lock controls which can monitor opening and closing of doors and integrate with other automated alarm systems. Their range of technology allows you to create a level of security to suit your specific needs.

Make an impact with supersize sliding patio doors

Each The Aluminium Door Company glazed sliding door sash can be manufactured up to 3 metres wide by 3 metres high. This allows you to create dramatic architectural glazing in your home, while maintaining the flexibility of having sliding doors. While glass facades can make an impressive impact in a home, they don’t allow you to open up your home to outdoor space. With minimal framed sliding doors, you can create the illusion of glass walls to allow natural light to stream into your home, while having the option to slide the doors wide open and seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor space.

Bespoke glass doors for unique homes

Every home is different, and everyone has their own unique sense of style. We can supply bespoke glazing for your home to ensure that your sliding patio doors or internal sliding doors complement your tastes and the existing design of your home. Our bespoke glass door frames allow us to easily coordinate with existing aluminium framing, and create a door frame design which complements other design features of your home, such as outdoor lighting, glass floors and colour schemes. We can also provide replacements for timber windows if you want your home’s exterior to match your new door frame.

Sliding Doors for external and internal use

Although The Aluminium Door Company sliding doors for external use feature double glazing with advanced insulation technology, they also have non-insulated products available for internal use. An internal sliding glass door is the perfect way to create impressive aluminium glass facades and flexible living spaces within your home. When the doors are closed, you can reduce noise pollution from different rooms while maintaining the illusion of wide, open space. Then, simply slide them open to seamlessly unite the two rooms. Compared to fold doors, aluminium sliding doors don’t take up space inside the room and help to maintain clean, simple lines for a minimal, contemporary look.

Contact us about Sunflex sliding doors

If you’re interested in harnessing The Aluminium Door Companies advanced technology and exquisite designs in your home, make an enquiry about their aluminium sliding doors. We can provide a full specification service to help you create bespoke sliding patio doors and internal doors that beautifully complement your unique home.