Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium Bifold Doors or Bifold Patio Doors are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional French doors or sliding doors because they allow the entire expanse of window to be opened up, without taking up lots of space. In many ways, they act like frameless glass facades since they let huge amounts of natural light into the home, only with the bonus of being fully openable when required. A set of bi fold doors can also be used internally. This is perfect for those who love the idea of open plan living, but need the flexibility of separating spaces when needed.

Excellent thermal efficiency

Aluminium door frames and windows have, in the past, had a reputation for being thermally inefficient, because aluminium by nature is a very effective conductor. However, our bifold patio doors are thermally broken, which means that they contain insulation within the aluminium frame to minimise conduction of heat. This, along with double glazing, retains indoor heat in winter and helps to maintain a cool indoor temperature in summer. The doors do this so efficiently that they have a certified U-value of 1.3 W/(m2K), which is 27% better than the optimal standards set by the British Building Regulations.

Benefits of Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium bi folding doors are durable, stylish and have a long lifespan. Aluminium is an incredibly durable material and does not rust, which means it can hold up to even extreme weather conditions without warping, swelling or rotting like timber bifold doors can. Plus, it’s a very lightweight material, which means operation of the doors is easy. With our glazed doors, this process is made even easier thanks to their glide system, which features a concealed acetal wheelbase carriage to ensure a smooth folding sliding movement. If you’re looking for internal and external doors which deliver seamless operation, our sliding folding doors are a fantastic choice.

Our bi fold doors are renowned for their quality. They’re provided with a 20-year guarantee, which is testament to the exceptional standards to which they are manufactured. They feature the latest in security technology, exceed British Building Regulations for optimum thermal efficiency, and each door set is made to order to ensure every customer receives bespoke door frames which meet their home’s unique requirements.

Exceptional security and safety

Our doors are internally glazed with toughened safety glass and feature an 8-point locking system with 20mm linear bolts and 25mm security hooks. Combined with solid cast Yale security handles, the folding doors are highly secure to give you complete peace of mind that your home is safe.

The doors have also been designed for ultimate user safety. They feature bespoke gaskets between each door leaf to prevent fingers becoming trapped when the doors are open and folding up. Plus, they feature strong magnetic door holds which prevent them from blowing around in the wind when they are open. Low thresholds on external doors and flush thresholds on internal doors also minimise the risk of tripping, while concealed running gear on the bottom track prevents children from trapping their fingers.

Bespoke Aluminium Bifold Doors

All our aluminium folding doors are exclusively designed to the customer’s exacting specifications. Their standard sizes of each door leaf range from 400 mm to 1200mm wide, and you can have anywhere between one and eight door sets. Doors can open either inwards or outwards, and you can include a traffic door for quick, easy access when you don’t want to completely fold open all door leaves. You can then choose a threshold option to suit your home; external doors tend to require a threshold with a small 1cm lip to provide an optimal weather resistant seal, but internal bifold doors can sit completely flush to your floor.

You can also customise the finish of accessories, such as hinges, handles and keyholes, as well as the powder coated finish of the door frames. The primary purpose of powder coatings is to add additional protection to the aluminium frame, but it also gives you excellent choice when it comes to colour. There are over 150 RAL colours to choose from, many of which are available in matt, satin or gloss finishes. You can also opt for oak veneer or other woodgrain effects if you love the traditional style of wood and don’t want to compromise on the durability of aluminium.

Furthermore, the bifold door range is available in dual colours, which means you can have the exterior frame in one shade to match the outside of your building or your other windows and doors, and the interior frame in another colour to match the individual décor of each room. We can also supply integrated blinds with our bifold doors, with a huge range of colour, fabric and design options available.

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